Bekhiv Granite Quarry.

One of the largest manufacturers of quality crushed stone products from high-strength granodioride

Convenient geographical location, railway entrances and developed road infrastructure of the region allow us to send orders on time to anywhere in Ukraine and Central and Eastern Europe.

We produce 200,000 tons of finished crushed stone products per month, which meets the norms and directives of the European Union.

Protected quarry reserves are about 50 million cubic meters, and reserves in total amount to ca. 100 million cubic meters.

Advanced technology, own railway tracks access, continuous working cycle, convenient geographical location and a large volume of finished products allow the company fulfilling orders of various volumes and deliver them all over Ukraine. Shipment per day amounts to more than 100 cars.

Bekhiv Granite Quarry is part of the MS|Capital holding.

Part of a powerful national holding

In May 2021, Maksym Shkil’s MS|Capital holding acquired a 100% stake of the Bekhiv Granite Quarry. After the purchase of the quarry, holding launched an investment program aimed at purchasing new drilling rigs and renewing the fleet of specialized equipment, material and technical base.